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rECENT STUDeNT News & special achievements

Sandra O. - Rosa Park H.S.
Angel J. - Paterson Catholic H.S.
Christopher O. - Saint Leo's
Raphael M. - School #3
Samantha G. - School #3
Kaisha G. - School #3


Learning Center News

12/2010 - The Sister Merita Learning Center students donate to children!
The students collected $1 of their snack money which meant they sacrificed for two days without snacks and the learning center matched their donation to send $95 to the World Vision Org.  The students picked out what and where they wanted their donation to be used.  They chose the following: (5) ducks for $30, (5) fruit trees for $30 and $35 for $385 worth of medicines for the children in many countries of Africa.

2010 - The Sister Merita Learning Center through the eyes of the children!
A few children of the learning center put a clip together as to what the learning center means to them!  They did this on their own using the computers that the learning center provides access to, to enhance their education everyday.  The video will be posted here in the next few days.  You will be able to click here to watch and be impressed!

07/25/09 - Audio/Video upgrade
We had television sets updated which now allows our students to hear audio via headsets while they utilize their game stations (only after their homework has been completed).

02/09/09 - SMLCTR.ORG became live!
We launched our website!  Hooray!

06/06/08 - We now have computers!
The children now have access to computers, educational PC games, and common office software titles such as Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint for homework/projects.  They're also learning basic computer operating, typing skills and experiencing web content filtered Internet navigation.

This is in part thanks to various activities and sources such as fund raising by Sister Christina Schoen, numerous donations, thrift boutique community clothing sales and installation, maintenance and ongoing staff training from a volunteer alumnus.


Questions?  Comments?  Suggestions?  You can browse through our website and reach us via the contact us link!

Upcoming AND
Recent Events

01/16/10 12PM - Reunion/Luncheon
On Saturday, January 16, 2010, (25) Sisters of Sister Merita Parent's Religious Community, the Franciscan Missionary Sisters of the Immaculate Conception of the Mother of God (S.M.I.C.) were invited to a Reunion/Luncheon.  At this time they were able to view first hand, the new improvements in the Center.  Four (4) students, Ramon, Carlos, DiMary and Sasha demonstrated how to begin their individualized Computer Programs, which explained how a typical day would being and end in the Learning Center.  Thank you everyone for coming!

02/27/09 12PM - Tour & Lunch
Thanks for coming everyone!  I am sure everyone had a good time and hope you were proud , knowing how your donations are working in the inner-city of Paterson, NJ.  We have a few pictures to share with you.  Remember you are always welcome!

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